I studied jazz performance (trombone) in college and have always been influenced by Welsh music which I began to study in earnest several years ago with Welsh folk singer Julie Murphy. I moved to Wales three years ago to learn Welsh music in the traditional fashion on my Telor harp - traveled the length & breadth of Wales by car, train, bus - harp always at hand - the best way to meet people. I've been fortunate to have met some beautiful musicians during my time here. I'd like to share with you what I've found. Your humble servant -- Ceri "Canada"

"Part-time tramp and part-time folk musician, he takes a unique approach to the harp which he affectionately refers to as the Way of the Ox."
-- Martin Leamon, Sild

ceri bratislava


telyn aur a thelyn arian,
telyn bren a thelyn sidan;
ar ôl henwi'r oll delynau,
telyn rawn yw'r delyn orau.

ceri owen-jones harp / telyn

As coined by Ceri Rhys Matthews, I play a Single Row South Welsh Harp, sometimes refered to as the Celtic Harp.

The first harp in Wales was the Telyn Rawn (horse hair harp), which was later replaced in the middle ages by the Telyn Wrach (bray harp) also known as the 'Welch Harp'. The Italian Triple Harp began to be popular in Wales by the 1700s mainly in North Wales. The Telyn Wrach remained popular in South Wales until the early 1800s when it was finally replaced by the Pedal Harp and methodism.

Visit Telynau Teifi for more info on the Telor harp...

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